Let me introduce myself…

I'm a sound designer and mixer located in The Netherlands.
Since the late eighties, when I started playing keys and got involved in audio engineering, sound became an inseparable part of my life.


The love of my life…

After feeding my curiosity with tape-recorders and microphones, I quickly became involved as a producer in several music groups.
Having successfully toured a couple of years, I decided to make it my career and enroll in the School of Audo Engineering in Amsterdam. After graduation, I started my professional career working as a FOH mixer for many live music, radio, circus and theatre performances. As long as I could move a fader. To this day, I enjoy producing music with friends and colleagues.


Eventually though, I started getting more work as a sound designer and mixer working for television and cinema.
Never did I imagine that it would lead to a career spanning 25 years. But I am very grateful to have worked on over a 100 beautiful productions with some of the most talented film-makers around.
Became a board member of the Dutch Sound for Picture Association VCA.

Software Development

Prior even to my love for music however (and always an integral part of it) is my love for computing.
From a very early age I started writing code. Firstly GWBasic on paper, because of the lack of any computer, but quickly evolving to C++.
So even before SAE, I enrolled at the HTS (university for applied science) to study electrical engineering and computer science. Having aborted this in favor of the SAE, I decided after graduating, to finish my studies at the HTS and get my bachelor.
Over my sound designing career I have always created tools to enhance my creativity and workflow. The last decade or so I have decided to expand my contracting services to include software development, up to a point of it being the majority of my activities nowadays. After a period working with the lovely people at AudioEase, I am currently back working as an independent contractor for various clients, but also working on my own line of products under the name Sound Development.

So over the years I have an built up quite some expertise. And, apart from my own studio facilities, I closely cooperate with some well-known studios, thus having full access to nearly all state-of-the-art equipment.

But enough about me. How about you?
Is there a project you could use help on? Please don't hesitate to get in contact via info@huiberssound.nl or LinkedIn.